Bringing out the best of yourself

Since the day I started to work on myself and began to implement new habits
and abandoned old ones my personal life literally skyrocketed.
By now I get up at 6 am every day
and stay up till midnight.
Although I am awake 18 hours a day
I haven´t enough time to accomplish all the things I want to do that day.
I am so driven by a fierce urge to succeed,
that I am often surprised by myself.

Realize whats truly important

Before you can overcome yourself to turn off the TV to work on something productive there is one thing you need to change first.
But without changing that one thing
you won´t be able to be consistently productive.
It´s nothing physical, it´s just a simple change in your attitude.

Take yourself some time and think about what you achieve by sitting on your couch watching your favorite series for the 3rd time or by doing anything alike?
Well, you will realize that you don´t have any gain other than fast forwarding time – which is the very thing you will lack off after realizing the following.

Now, think about your dreams: your beautiful future wife, your promotion or the marathon, which you want to finish in under 4 hours.

Think about something you really want to have.

About that one goal of yours that´s prior to anything.

Think deeply…

Imagine yourself kissing the most beautiful women on earth,
on your wedding.

Imagine yourself sitting in that new huge office holding the paycheck accounting to twice the amount you usually to earn.

Imagine yourself completing that marathon in under 4 hours.

Now open your eyes and think again. Do you really want to keep on wasting your most precious and rarest resource?
Is sitting in front of the TV, doing nothing worth giving up on that great goal of yours?
If you, like me also think wasting your time isn´t worth giving up on your greatest goal keep on reading.
Otherwise you don´t need to read anymore, because if you can´t answer that question with a yes you won´t be able to apply what I am about to say into your life successfully, so better return to Netflix.

Still here?
Great! Also for me it wasn´t worth giving up on my goals.
Since I realized that I won´t achieve anything, that I won´t be happy in life
until I started to change something fundamental,
I have been getting increasingly more productive,
happier and more satisfied with myself than ever before.

First step

As soon as you become truly willing to do something meaningful with your life, instead of rotting on your coach you can read on here and finally act!

My personal first step was to get off my phone.
I installed the App Phone-Usage, which tracks my daily usage and displays it on my notification bar.
By then I already knew, that I spend way too much time on my phone,
but I did not expect that much!

First, I didn´t believe it.
I couldn´t understand how I possibly spend three to four hours on average on my phone. Occasionally even five and more!
I decided to half that time to have a maximum of two hours a day.
To achieve that I deleted all my games, really every game.
In addition I turned off my push notification for social media to not get distracted by some nonsense.

A week later I had reached my goal and even managed to stay somewhat below two hours.

This means by saving two hours of life time a day, I just got 30 more days, one month for every year to focus on things I really want to accomplish.

Further steps

My next step was to figure out a constant sleeping schedule.
I decided to get up at 6 am. Every day. From Monday to Sunday and 365 days a year.
I am sticking to this since months by now and I am more energetic at 6 am than I used to be at 3 pm with my old inconsistent sleeping routine.

My third change, which literally boosted my motivation like nothing ever did so far, was to start reading on a constant basis.
In the beginning, I started to set myself the goal of reading 10 minutes a day before going to bed. After I found the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie that increased to 30 minutes, often even more than that.
I started to read more books on self-improvement. Some of the books I read and highly recommend are “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” or “The secret” and I loved all it!
What amazed me about such books the most are the short stories about successful people. They always make me realize, that none no matter how successful he by the end was had an easy time getting there.
One thing I immediately did, because it had such a great impression on me, was implementing Dale Carnegie´s principles.

I had instant success.

By sticking to Carnegie´s principles I suddenly made new friends and all of a sudden people started to greet and smile at me.
People, that used to pass by me without even bothering to look at me.

How I became addicted to self-improvement

By then, I was becoming more and more addicted, addicted to accomplish things, addicted to make friends and most of all: addicted to read!

Never has information been cheaper than today.
You don´t even need to buy a paperback book anymore, you can just download it on your kindle for less than a quarter of the price for a printed version.
If somebody wanted to meet his great role model a hundred or fifty years ago, he had to meet him in person. But today you can find out anything about a business man like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet or Jeff Bezos.
You just need to google “Michael Jordan”, “Tiger Woods” or “Lionel Messi” and you will find dozens on books, biographies and articles about them. Those biographies provide you with more information than you would ever get from meeting that very star in person.
You can read nearly anything about someone like Steve Jobs. Starting from his birth you can find out about nearly every single step he made and breath he took. About the challenges he had faced and overcome and the victories he had accomplished.

The flow of information, which is seemingly endless and nearly free is the great advantage we have over formal generations. If we are interested in Arnold Schwarzenegger, we can read all we want about him. If we want to learn how to get the most out of our garden, we just need to google and we have all the information the world has to offer, right here and everywhere else on the world.

Finally, I want to share another great advice with you,
that really helped me in accomplishing my goals.

Write them down.
Write your goals down!

That’s the secret. Write them on a neat piece of paper and put it over your desk, on your door or somewhere you read it every day.
It will always remind you of what you really want to achieve in your life and where you want to end up eventually.

One last thing:

Break the goals up into smaller accomplishments.
Let´s say you want to do fifty pushups non-stop.
First start with 20 or even just ten, some amount you can do comfortable.
Two weeks later increase it by five.
Two weeks later again, after doing some pushups everyday increase your pushups by five.

You can implement this technique to every kind of exercise to get fitter!

Eventually you end up doing fifty pushups and still keep increasing.
That´s how I managed to get to 80 pushups in a row.

Now you know how important reading, constantly education and thus improving yourself is!
If you want to read some must-read books Click Here to get to our post about the most important books
about personal mastery.